Saturday, August 12, 2006

10Ghz WBFM Experiments

Several Ottawa area Hams own Tellurometers which have 10Ghz WBFM full-duplex capabilities. On this fine Saturday morning we decided to head out and see what type of "DX" we can get with these devices.

Rick, VE3CVG, headed up to Brule Lookout (In Gatineau Park) which is at about 900 feel ASL and overlooks the Ottawa valley. Other hams, as you can see from the map and table below, operated from other locations in the area. Doug, VE3XK, operated from FN15 in Constance Bay. Tom (VA3NFA) and Ken (VA3KA) operated from 2 locations in FN25. Bryan, VE3ZRK, and Wayne, VE3CZO, operated from FN25 near Island Park Drive.

Details on the Locations:

Location A: Brule Lookout: FN25bm: N 45 30' 17.6" W 075 54' 18.7
Location B: Constance Bay: FN15??: N 45 30.83 W 076 08.07
Location C: Shirley's Bay: Fn25bi: N 45 21.713 W 075 52.058
(Note: some walking required to get to this site)
Location D: Corkstown Road: FN25bh: N 45 19.981 W 075 51.530
Lcoation E: Corkstown Road: FN25bh: N 45 19.486 W 075 52.627
Location F: Island Park: FN25cj

Completed QSOs:

A <> B @ 10:08am. Distance: ~10 kms (~300 degrees bearing from A)
A <> C @ 11:00am. Distance: 16.2 kms (~170 degree bearing from A)
A <> D @ 11:30am. Distance: 19.4 kms (~170 degree bearing from A)

Unfortunatly there was not a completed QSO between A and F. This may be due to either location or incompatabilites between Tellurometers.

The purpose of these experements, other to just have fun, was to find suitable locations for future operating and contests. The Constance Bay and Shirley's Bay location are now proven as excellent sites to work line-of-site to Brule Lookout.

Here is a pic of VA3KA making his first ever 10Ghz QSO operating from Shirley's Bay (Note Gatineau Hills across the Ottawa River ):

and a picture of VA3NFA setup on Corkstown road:

Here is a view of VE3CVG's setup at Brule Lookout:

Closeup of one of the Tellurometers used:


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